Miracle Recovery

Several years ago, I developed some very serious immune system and digestive problems resulting from reactions to some prescription medications. My condition worsened over the course of a year and it eventually got so bad that I because allergic to almost every kind of food. I met with doctors and heads of gastro-intestinal departments at a few of the most prestigious facilities in New England and New York. They all came up empty-handed aside from recommending some worrisome surgeries that most likely wouldn't have fixed the problem. I wound up losing about 100 pounds and existed on a near starvation diet going from doctor to doctor almost daily.

In an effort to minimize my allergies, I moved to the Las Vegas desert area and then decided to try a non-conventional doctor at random. As my great luck would have it, I called Dr. Daniel Royal's office. He was quickly able to diagnose my issues and communicate what was going wrong with my immune system as well as a couple other issues, too. After many months of IV treatments and various supplements, he was able to fix pretty much all of my issues without any surgeries. Now, I can eat almost everything, I'm back to a healthy weight, and I'm living a normal life again. It's all thanks to Dr. Royal, his helpful and friendly staff, and it feels like a little divine intervention, too!

If you need a doctor, would like a second opinion on something, or other doctors have steered you wrong in the past and you'd like to try someone with a different perspective, then I highly recommend seeing Dr. Royal. He doesn't just write down symptoms and try to prescribe things to get rid of them.  Instead, Dr. Royal considers the whole body and its systems then locates where imbalances need correction.  His goal is to help the body heal itself. In my case, he was able to do it without the surgeries that many other doctors recommended and before even properly diagnosing me. I believe with 100% certainty that I wouldn't be here writing this right now if I hadn't found Dr. Royal.                  

Mark Stephens (36 y/o


In October 2016, I started feeling faint multiple times a day. I was admitted to the hospital for 3 days. The doctors did blood work, an MRI of my neck and head, an ultrasound of my neck and heart, and an EEG. I also wore a heart monitor for 3 days. They found out what I didn't have. I didn't have a heart attack, stroke, seizure, or MS. They sent me home with no answers although I was still feeling faint and having a hard time functioning. I had a follow-up appointment with my primary care doctor to get some answers. His response to me was, "We may never know why you are feeling faint." I went home very discouraged, crying, and praying for help. I then remembered Doctor Daniel Royal with whom I'd seen years earlier. I sent him a brief email and he responded for me to come see him. He thought it might be a blood sugar issue. I was excited to have someone with answers. So, I went to see him. He put me on some supplements (incl., NatureThroid, DHEA, Pregnenolone, Protandim, and Gymnema Sylvestre). I felt much better, especially with the Gymnema Sylvestre. He also changed my diet and took my blood.  My blood work revealed that my inflammation was "high." he gave me DMSO IV treatments. I feel so much better...Better than I have in a long time! I'm able to function again. I am so very grateful to Doctor Royal and the care he has given me. He is the best doctor!

Kim Mills (53 y/o)


I was diagnosed with COPD on 2-24-16 and prescribed home O2.  I used O2 only one week.  I then came to see Doctor Daniel Royal on 5-27-16 where I received his unique autologous stem cell treatment. After exactly one month after my stem cell treatment with Doctor Royal, I could breathe much easier. Now, I'm not nearly as "short-winded" as I was before the stem cell treatment. My attitude has improved 100% since before the treatment when my hopes for any future recovery were dim. Now, I feel that I have a future!

W R Brown (75 y/o)


Before I came to Dr. Dan Royal in March of 2018, I was on pharmaceutical exclusively, where each problem you have is matched up with a drug. Well, I was getting pretty sick and I had no energy and I felt like my faculties were slipping. When I first went to Dr. Royal he immediately ordered extensive and “new to me” blood tests and prescribed natural remedies and supplements. I started to feel normal and healthy and progressively I got my energy back and I just felt better physically and mentally. Thank you Doctor Royal....I got my health back!   

Waltraud Benedict (82 yo)