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  • NEW LIFE BENEFIT FOUNDATION is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit corporation that was formed to support the development and practice of Complementary and Integrative Medicine. The primary purposes of the Foundation include the following:
  • CLINICAL RESEARCH–-More clinical research studies need to be performed for medical alternatives. Supporting research in this area encourages healthcare practitioners to implement complementary integrative medical diagnostics, therapeutics, and substances in a more scientific manner, document their safety and efficacy, and ensure that patients are protected. Discovering diagnostic and therapeutic equivalents is key to improving our healthcare system by offering greater choices at competitive costs and increasing public awareness for medical alternatives.
  • PUBLIC EDUCATION–-Members of the public are generally unaware of the benefits of the harmonious use of all of the healthcare sciences. Prejudices, environmental and social influences, as well as prior personal experience, frequently urge an individual to select medical services that fall primarily within a narrow range of healthcare services. We seek to educate the public in the appropriate use of Complementary and Integrative healthcare by doing such things as presentations to schools, social and athletic organizations, and other suitable public forums; preparation and distribution of printed materials regarding health maintenance and wellness treatments for sub-clinical conditions including, but are not limited to, flyers, newsletters, booklets, and electronic files for Internet distribution.
  • PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION–-Healthcare professionals are frequently as biased and/or uninformed of the benefits of Complementary Integrative Medicine services as the public. Our programs support professional forums, continuing education seminars, and the publication of literature for distribution to healthcare professionals and patients alike.
  • FINANCIAL SUPPORT FOR NEEDY PATIENTS—Medicare, Medicaid, and other third party payers, will not provide payments to providers of many legitimate services rendered by non-traditional healthcare providers. Our organization provides financial support for those who desire and/or would benefit from Complementary Integrative Medicine services.


  1. CHECK—make payable to: "NEW LIFE BENEFIT FOUNDATION."
  2. CALL--provide credit card information to (702) 562-1454.
  3. BANK TRANSFER--Call (702) 562-1454 for Bank Routing and Bank Account Numbers.
  4. ENDOWMENT (e.g., Real Property or other Tangible Item) to: "NEW LIFE BENEFIT FOUNDATION."​

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 *All financial support received is used for professional services and products provided by healthcare professionals, based on applications of patients for demonstrated statements of need and the willingness of the providers to extend appropriate discounts for their services and products.]