Healing Band ​is like a continual series of progressions. Every choice and decision we make impacts our progress and the progress of other people. Deciding not to act is a choice that carries consequences. From the roots of the word decision it is understood that making a true decision means to “cut off all other possibilities.” No one will always make good or right choices, but everyone can choose to learn from the choices they make. This is real personal progress. There is no standing still. However, regression may occur when action is not taken and those who do act may thereby surpass us. Because life is unpredictable then unexpected things happen. The choices one makes determine the ultimate consequences, direction and degree of progress to be obtained from one’s life experiences.

Sometimes, what appears to be a curse turns out to be the best blessing in disguise. To embrace and celebrate a blessing is, especially when accepted with humility, is life changing. Anyone can hide who they are for a time, but eventually every character trait and quality will reveal itself in either action or inaction. You will never be a bigger person in life than you are in secret. Your presence at home or in public means that you represent the Turtle Healing Band (“THB”) and its services, regardless of your physical location. Consequently, you may be the only service information sheet or prospectus someone ever sees. This means that while someone may know nothing about THB, you should not be reason for them to be suspicious about THB.

In short, I am you and you are me. Our attitudes and behaviors are associated with other THB team members and the actions of individuals reflects well or poorly on the team. Earning a place as a team member in the Turtle Healing Band Clinics team is an honor. Accepting such honor with humility brings you respect and admiration.


 [All team members of the Turtle Healing Band Clinic commit to adhere to the THB Credo to the best of their ability, which is as follows]:

We Believe that we are here to perform services that when properly integrated will solve age-old problems for the health and vitality of our members/patients.

We Believe that the best model for our company is to focus on services that cover a broad range of modalities that will support us in helping our members and/or patients regain and maintain their optimum good health

We Believe that as we educate our members/patients regarding nutrition and lifestyle that the result will be to simplify and enhance their lives.

We Believe in saying “no” to some opportunities if by saying “yes” our focus will be redirected from our core competencies and thus, create a less than optimal member/patient experience.

We Believe in collaboration with our staff and our team members and in being fair and just in our relationships.

We Believe in striving for long-term relationships where we do right by doing good.

We Believe in striving for the presence of excellence in everything we do and for the elimination of mediocrity in all of our daily undertakings. Mediocrity has no place in our personal or business lives and we commit to working with each other to eliminate this destructive force.

We Believe in both the “Golden Rule” (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you) and the and “Platinum” Rule” (Do unto others what they would have you do unto them). We will treat other people respectfully and exhibit good manners and courteous behavior to everyone that we encounter whether they be team members, members/patients, family members, supplies, or anyone else with whom we interact.

We Believe that wherever we go, and whatever we do, we always represent the Turtle Healing Band Clinic. Therefore, we commit to treating everyone with respect and with a pleasant demeanor.

We Believe that no one is beneath us.  We acknowledge that everyone makes mistakes. When mistakes occur, we will collaborate with one another and attempt to resolve matters in a courteous and kind manner.

We Believe in supporting and promoting the Turtle Healing Band and will do whatever we can to contribute to it in every reasonable and possible way.We Believe that every new day brings fresh and unique opportunities to demonstrate gratitude for the opportunity granted us to change our lives and the lives of others.  For this opportunity, we are immensely grateful.h here.